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Suboxone Clinic And Detox Treatment Center

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Doctors have routinely prescribed suboxone for pain management or to reduce the effects of heroin withdrawal, but as its addictive properties became known, suboxone treatment was needed. Experienced staff at Brooklyn suboxone treatment centers develop an individualized suboxone treatment plan for you. Whether you need methadone or suboxone treatment, your addiction recovery is the same, but there is no same day suboxone treatment. Whatever day you start is the beginning of a committed journey to recovery.

The goal of all suboxone treatment centers is not only to get you off all opioid drugs, but also to keep you off them so that you can become a functional member of society again. When you can hold a job, take care of your personal relationships and not crave the highs, you’ll have found your path to recovery.

Once you’re passed your withdrawal symptoms, you enter the stabilization phase. During stabilization, your desire for opioids is lessened, but you’re always in danger of a relapse. The potential for relapse is high after methadone or suboxone treatment, especially in the first weeks and months.

To be in addiction recovery requires a drug therapy program that consists of individual therapy, group therapy and/or 12-step programs. Your individual road to recovery may vary. You or your loved ones may have a shorter or longer road than others. Whether you receive methadone or suboxone treatment, the length of your treatment depends on your level of addiction and how quickly you embrace the therapeutic suggestions and your new way of life.

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Suboxone Clinic And Detox Treatment Center